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AI is the future of fashion

AI is the future of fashion


In the latest issue of Życie Uniwersyteckie, Prof. Małgorzatą Gardą form the Faculty of Art and Education at the Adam Mickiewicz University's Kalisz branch, fashion designer and author of the  book “Moda po modzie. Studium mody współczesnej” is interviewed by Ewa Konarzewska-Michalak.

“What matters is the economic bill. Part of clothes is already produced being produced by automation, e.g. jeans, whose entire production cycle takes 10 minutes. With traditional sewing, nobody is capable of even coming close to that record. If we printed clothes, for example, on 3D printers, and there's no doubt that's what's going to happen, design work can be given over computers, as this is a question of combining different parameters. The existence of traditional shops might also be under threat. The pandemic has given us a glimpse of many things,” claims Prof. Garda.

Interview in Życie Uniwersyteckie: Fashion from a 3D printer

See book: Fashion after fashion. Studies on contemporary fashion


(ŻU 07-08/2020)

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