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AMU Press operates a 'Policy on open access to scientific publications and research data of employees and doctoral students of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań' introduced by Order No. 47/2020/2021 of the Rector of AMU of 8 January 2021. The Rector’s plenipotentiary for open access to publications and research results is Prof. Michał Klichowski (dr hab.), whose tasks include coordinating work related to the creation, maintenance and development of the open access infrastructure.

Open access enables the free use of digital scientific resources. We create conditions for sharing scientific publications, educational content, research data and research results, as well as for enhancing scientific collaboration, exchanging information and opening up the creation and transfer of scientific knowledge.

Authors may indicate the open-access publication model when submitting their publishing proposal. Such a decision may also be made during discussions between the publisher's representative and the author. Even if the publication was not initially placed in open access, the author may decide to make it available at any time.

AMU Press makes the books available as standard under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND licence (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International)

However, authors may indicate any other type of open CC licence, e.g. one required by the institution funding the publication.

There is no charge for free access.

AMU Press makes books available through open access on its website under the tab "Open Access". No registration or login is required to download a file with a publication. In addition, we make OA publications available under a CC BY-NC-ND licence to external platforms (CEEOL, EBSCO, Polona, IBUK), which can be used by registered users.

If you have any questions concerning Open Access, please contact the Editorial Secretary at AMU Press:, tel. 61 829 46 45.



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The following models of open publishing are available:

Gold Open Access – open access to texts on the publisher's website, with no technological (for example, no login required), financial (free) or legal (open licences) barriers. However, the author or the funding institution must pay an APC (Article Processing Charge) for publication of their text.

Green Open Access (Green Open Access; self-archiving) – open access within a repository or other open-access catalogue, as well as the author's own website. The author self-accesses/deposits his or her publications (in accordance with the agreement with the publisher).

Diamond Open Access – open access to content for all interested parties; the publisher does not charge an APC (Article Processing Charge) and editorial costs are paid by institutions, universities, research centres, museums, libraries, etc.


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