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Adam Mickiewicz University Press is one of the biggest and most important university publishing houses in Poland. It dates back to 1920, when the Senate of the University of Poznań set up a special Publishing Commission to coordinate the publication of scientific works, and since 1962 the Press has functioned under its present name as an interdepartmental unit of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The mission of the Press is to support the academic community, both employees and students, in promoting Polish scientific achievements domestically and abroad, and to cultivate the University's good image. Through high standards of publishing ethics, scientific integrity and editorial work we ensure the highest level in the scientific and teaching materials that are published, which is confirmed by more than 140 awards, distinctions and nominations granted to the Press in prestigious competitions for publishers.

Our publishing profile consists mainly of scientific monographs (published in 50 thematic series), textbooks, scripts, and dictionaries, as well as 25 scientific journals (also published in foreign languages). We only publish peer-reviewed content.

On average, we publish 200 works per year.

Our books have received over 140 awards, distinctions and nominations in competitions (10 in 2015, 12 in 2016, 11 in 2017), including in 2009 the Main Prize - the Minister of Science and Higher Education Trophy for the best academic book (Krzysztof Kurek, Teatr i miasto. Historia sceny polskiej w Poznaniu w latach 1782–1849 ), in 2011 the Main Prize – Minister of Science and Higher Education Trophy in the Competition for the Best Academic Textbook and Lecture Materials (Alojzy Woś, Klimat Polski w drugiej połowie XX wieku), in 2014 the Main Prize – Minister of Science and Higher Education Trophy in the Competition for the Best Academic Book (Henryk Samsonowicz, Studia z dziejów miast w średniowieczu), in 2015 – Prize at the Krakow Book Fair for the critical study by Prof. Jacek Brzozowski and Prof. Zbigniew Przychodniak entitled Beniowski. Poemat z roku 1841 i dalsze pieśni Juliusza Słowackiego, in 2018 the Main Award – Minister of Science and Higher Education Trophy in the Competition for the Best Academic Book (Wawrzyniec Popiel-Machnicki, Adam Pleskaczyński, Konstancja Pleskaczyńska, Podróże nieodkryte. Dziennik ekspedycji Bronisława Grąbczewskiego 1889-1890 jako świadectwo historii i element dziedzictwa kulturowego), in 2019 the T. Kotarbiński Prize for Prof. Grzegorz Ziółkowski's monograph Okrutny teatr samospaleń. Protesty samobójcze w ogniu i ich echa w kulturze współczesnej.

We present our publications at the Poland premier book fairs and at international exhibitions of Polish scientific books organised by the Association of University Publishers, at international book fairs in Frankfurt, London, Zagreb, Győr (Hungary) and Beijing, as well as during scientific conferences organised by UAM departments, thematic meetings and other scientific events.

Since 1997, we have been organising Poznań Academic Book Days and since 2019, the Poznań Book Fair together with Poznań International Fair (PIF).
As a result of our cooperation with PIF, the formula has been remodelled: in order to give the book fair event more prominence, instead of two smaller periodic events, i.e. the Poznań Academic and Popular Science Book Fair (organised by the University Press and PIF) and Pegazik, the Children's Book Fair (organised by Wydawnictwo Miejskie Posnania, Polskie Towarzystwo Wydawców Książek and PIF), there is one fair event addressed to the widest possible audience, lovers of popular, academic and ambitious books and, of course, to the youngest readers. The fair venue and the date of the event have changed: the fair is held in spring, in tandem with the Education Fair and the Fair of Technologies and Equipment for Education EDUTEC, Poland's biggest such fair.

The event is held under the patronage of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University and the President of Poznań.
The Fair, as before, is accompanied by an extensive programme of events: book promotions, panel discussions addressed to various reader groups, regular meetings for the publishing sector under the umbrella of the Publishers' Forum, and as many as three competitions addressed to publishers of academic and popular science books; art and educational workshops are organised for children.
The University Press is one of the founding members of the Association of University Publishers, a member of the Polish Association of Book Publishers and the Polish Chamber of Books.

Our publications are available in academic bookshops across the country and in many online bookstores. We also sell by mail order through the online bookstore at, where our full range of publications is presented.

Authors interested in publishing their books at Adam Mickiewicz University Press are kindly requested to ontact our Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Joanna Heyducka at (+48) 61 829 4645 or at her e-mail address:

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