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These Rules and Regulations were issued pursuant to Article 8(1)(1) of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (consolidated text in the Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422) and the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827) and are made available to Users free of charge in a form enabling downloading, recording and printing.


I. Definitions

Portal – a working website under the domains and

User – a consumer, a natural person using the Portal or ordering Goods offered through it.

Publisher, Seller – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań – Adam Mickiewicz University Press (AMUP).

Goods – books and magazines published in a printed (material) form and offered on the Portal.

Order – a proposal to conclude an Agreement with the User submitted remotely by the Publisher by means of a form, e-mail, fax or by mail.

E-book – digital content – electronic versions of books and magazines available either in whole or in part in the form of electronic files downloaded from the Portal pages.

Regulations – the Portal regulations.

Working Days – working days of the AMUP Sales Department indicated in the Regulations, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, stocktaking, repairs and other breaks in the Sales Department's work which the Publisher/Seller has announced on the Portal's home page.

Data – User data provided to the Publisher/Seller when processing the Order that is necessary for its completion.


Address details of the Publisher/Seller

  1. Address details of the Publisher/Seller
  2. Seller's data: Adam Mickiewicz University, 1 Wieniawskiego Street, 61-712 Poznań, NIP: 777-00-06-350, Regon: 000001293 – Adam Mickiewicz University Press, 10 A. Fredry Street, 61-701 Poznań (unit of AMU).
  3. Contact details for placing orders: Adam Mickiewicz University Press, 10 A. Fredry Street, 61-701 Poznań, Sales Department: tel. 61 829 46 40, fax 61 829 46 47, and
  4. Address for complaints: AMUP, ul. A. Fredy 10, 61-701 Poznań, Sales Department: tel. 61 829 46 40, fax 61 829 46 47,

III. Types of Goods ordered via the Portal

  1. Goods. Books and journals (printed) available in the Publisher's store. Orders can be placed electronically through the mechanism of the Portal, by e-mail, fax or by letter.
  2. E-books. Electronic files published in PDF formats. Orders may be placed only through the Portal.
  3. The Publisher is obliged to deliver the Goods without defects. In the event of any problems, please report them in accordance with the complaint handling procedure.
  4. The contract is valid until the order is completed.

Methods and deadlines for the execution of the Order

  1. Orders for Goods in stock are executed to the address indicated by the User through a courier company within 14 calendar days.
  2. The publisher shall make every effort to despatch books and/or journals in stock to individual Users within 48 hours (on Working Days) of the date on which the Order is confirmed. This means that delivery is likely to be made by courier service within 2–4 Working Days of the date of confirmation of the Order. The final date of delivery should not be later than the statutory deadline in point 1.
  3. Orders are executed on Working Days from Monday to Friday, except for holidays and breaks in the AMUP’s Sales Department's work. Information about additional breaks in the work of the Publisher's Sales Department is provided on the main page of the Portal. In case of holidays and breaks in work, the Order completion date is extended by the break time presented on the main page of the Portal.


V. Methods and deadlines for payment of the Order

  1. Payment by bank transfer to the Publisher's bank account, payment with payment cards (via PayPro/Przelewy24) or online transfer via Przelewy24 – payment date: before shipment (pre-payment) of the Order.
  2. Payment on delivery (cash on delivery) is not possible.
  3. Payment in cash on delivery on site is not possible.
  4. The costs of shipping the Goods are indicated in Cooperation/How to order/Delivery methods and cost.
  5. Shipping costs outside the country are set individually.


VI. Order placement procedure
How to place an Order

  1. Before you start shopping, please ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and also register with the system.
  2. Depending on the type of Goods, you may choose different methods of ordering. During the course of the Order, the User specifies the titles and their number of the Goods to be ordered, the method of payment and the type of shipment. The User provides the Publisher with the data necessary to complete the Order.
  3. Each book and journal has its own title, which is the basis for selecting a particular Good. In order to familiarise yourself with detailed information about the Goods offered, click on the title of the Good or E-book.
  4. Goods can be searched for by: a) the title and description of the book, b) the author/editor, c) the ISBN or ISSN number. Purchases can be started on any page of the Portal. Books are added to your Shopping Basket by clicking on the banner with a Basket. The contents of the Basket can be checked at any time by selecting the Basket option. Editing the Basket allows you to change the number of titles ordered and remove them from the Basket. After completing your purchases, click on the ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY button.
  5. In the address form, all necessary data should be provided (fill in the fields marked with an asterisk). If you need to receive a VAT invoice, enter your NIP Tax Identification Number in the appropriate field.
  6. The publisher despatches books with a receipt. If the NIP field is checked, the user will receive a VAT invoice.
  7. After placing an Order, the User will receive confirmation of order placement together with a copy of the data and confirmations given when making purchases.
  8. Once placed, the Order is verified by the Publisher in order to check its correctness and the availability of the Goods in stock. After verification, confirmation that the Publisher has received the order is sent to the e-mail address provided by the User.
  9. Should the Goods be unavailable, the cover of the Order is marked with an appropriate annotation:non in stock. Before the Order is completed, the Issuer reserves the right to contact the User in order to clarify any uncertainties related to the Order, and in justified cases, especially in the case of doubts as to the accuracy of the data supplied by the User, the Seller reserves the right to refuse to execute the Order.


VII. How to buy E-books (digital content – additional information)

  1. In order to purchase E-books – an electronic publication, you must place the selected items in the shopping basket, finalize the Order and pay the amount due. Files are available in PDF format.
  2. The user should agree for the service to be rendered before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract. The decision to purchase an electronic publication means that the User has no right of withdrawal from the contract.
  3. The order is completed after confirmation of payment by the payment service system.
  4. Following confirmation of payment to the e-mail address stated in the Order, an e-mail is sent containing a link from which you can download the previously purchased and paid for publication.
  5. The link to download can be found in the content of the e-mail as well as in the tab Products to download (after logging into your account). The file can be downloaded only once. If the file is downloaded using the link from the e-mail, it will no longer be possible to download the file in the Downloads tab (after logging into your account).


The E-book purchaser has the right to store the book on their computer hard disk and other electronic media, but has no right to duplicate it. The E-book may only be used for permitted personal use. Purchased E-books may be printed only for personal use. All electronic publications available at are subject to copyright. The Purchaser does not have the right to copy and distribute the purchased file or place it on a network such as the Internet.


VIII. Complaint handling procedure

1. The User of the Portal has the right to lodge a complaint if they detect deficiencies or defects in the Goods delivered.

2. Complaints concerning the Goods should be submitted in writing and include:

a) the name and surname of the person making the complaint,

b) their contact details, including postal address and e-mail address,

c) information indicating the type of defect (e.g. type of damage, pages missing, etc.),

d) the defective copy of the Goods attached,

e) the number of the Order or other confirmation of the Order placed by the Portal.

3. The complaint should be sent to the following address: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM (Adam Mickiewicz University Press), 10 A. Fredry Street, 61-701 Poznań, Commercial Department, with an annotation: complaint. A complaint may be sent by e-mail to: or by fax 61 829 46 47, but will be considered only after the User returns the defective Goods.

4. General contact regarding the complaint – e-mail: and telephone: 61 61 829 46 40.

5. The Publisher informs that it does not accept returns payable as cash on delivery or at the Publisher's expense.

6. Complaints are dealt with within 14 Working Days counting from the date of delivery of the complete complaint. The Publisher notifies the User of the outcome of the complaint by e-mail, unless the User reserves the right to another form of contact.

7. In the event that the information provided in the complaint requires supplementation, the Publisher will ask the User to supplement it before it is considered.

8. Incomplete complaints will not be considered.


IX. Method and deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal and model withdrawal form

A. General principles

All Users who are consumers have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason, except for contracts in which there is no right of withdrawal and which are described in point B.

B. Lack of the right of withdrawal under Article 38 and circumstances in which the consumer loses the right of withdrawal

  1. Periodicals and journals. Please be informed that on the basis of Article 38 point 10 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights – the right of withdrawal is not applicable to contracts for the supply of periodicals or journals with the exception of subscription contracts.
  2. E-books. Please be informed that on the basis of Article 38 point 13 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, in the case of digital content (E-books), if the performance began with the expressed consent of the User before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract and the User expressed consent to the performance of the service before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, the User has no right to withdraw from the contract.
  3. Books with one-time access codes to multimedia content made available online, if the security of the one-time code has been breached.


C. Withdrawal notice

Right of withdrawal

  1. The User has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without providing any reason.
  2. The deadline for withdrawal from the contract expires 14 days from the day on which the User came into possession of the Goods or on which a third party indicated by the User, and other than the carrier, came into possession of the Goods.
  3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract, the User must inform the Seller (Adam Mickiewicz University Press, ul. A. Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, Sales Department: phone: 61 829 46 40, fax: 61 829 46 47, about their decision to withdraw from this contract by way of an unequivocal statement (for example, a letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail).
  4. The user may use the model withdrawal form attached, although this is not obligatory.
  5. In order to keep to the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, it is sufficient to send information concerning exercising the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract.

Effects of withdrawal

  1. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, we shall immediately reimburse the User all payments received, including the delivery costs of the Goods (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery selected by the User other than the cheapest standard method of delivery offered by the Seller), and in every case no later than 14 days from the date on which the Seller was informed about the User's decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract.
  2. Payment shall be returned in the same way as the purchase transaction was made, unless the User expressly agrees to another solution; in every case, the User shall not incur any fees in connection with this return.
  3. The Seller may withhold the return of payment until the Goods are received or until proof of their return is provided, whichever occurs first.
  4. The Goods should be sent back or handed over immediately, and no later than 1 day from the date on which the User informed about the withdrawal from the contract. The deadline is met if the User sends the Goods back before the 14-day deadline expires.
  5. The User shall bear the direct costs of returning the Goods.
  6. The User is responsible only for any reduction in the value of the Goods resulting from their being used in a manner other than was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Merchandise.

D. Model withdrawal form 

The publisher presents the "Model withdrawal form" below. The form should be completed and returned only if you wish to withdraw from the contract. The form is not obligatory.







Place and data

First name and family name 



Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM

A. Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań

Dział Handlowy: tel. 61 829 46 40, fax 61 829 46 47

I hereby inform of my withdrawal from the sales contract for the following Goods:


Date of receipt of the Goods: .............................................

................................ signature



 X. Prices

  1. All prices of the Goods are given in PLN and include VAT. The price stated for a particular Good at the moment of placing the Order is biding for the User.
  2. All prices on the website are gross prices given in the Polish currency (PLN) (including VAT).
  3. All discounts are calculated from gross prices.
  4. Costs shipments are provided in Cooperation/How to order/Delivery methods and cost.

XI. Digital content functionalities, hardware and technical requirements

E-books offered by the Seller are available in PDF format. The recommended program for reading and printing them is the free Adobe Reader.


XII. Final provisions

  1. Placing an Order implies familiarity with and acceptance of the Regulations.
  2. The Seller reserves the right to change the Regulations. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions become effective within 2 days of the date of their publication on the Portal.
  3. The law applicable in resolving any disputes related to the Regulations is Polish law. These disputes shall be resolved by a common court of competent jurisdiction.
  4. These Regulations shall enter into force on 17 February 2020.


Download:Form for withdrawal from contract


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