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Promotional and educational activity of the University Press

As part of activities promoting the published scientific works, the Adam Mickiewicz Univercity Press organizes and participates in events related to books for a broad audience of potential readers, aiming to popularize science and reading.

The Adam Mickiewicz Univercity Press actively engages in events organized by the Faculties of Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM), collaborates with departmental and city libraries nationwide, and prepares events targeted at or involving academic communities and residents of Poznań. This involves organizing or co-organizing events in collaboration with external partners:

  • book promotions combined with lectures targeting both specialists and the general public, also at national or local cultural events,
  • conferences and training sessions for school and kindergarten teachers and librarians,
  • book stands during faculty conferences,
  • the University Press’ stand and book presentations at national and international book fairs and academic events,
  • regular student fairs prepared periodically in cooperation with the student government,
  • thematic academic book fairs addressed to the entire academic community,
  • book competitions for readers, organised in cooperation with thematic portals,
  • faculty presentations for high school students in cooperation with university students and lecturers,
  • presentations of new publications at faculty libraries of, the Rector's Office and the University Library,
  • sending out review copies to editorial boards of journals, to portals and bloggers, as indicated by the author,
  • local/student TV/radio reports/media releases,
  • news packages for national and local media outlets,
  • participation in numerous competitions aimed at publishers,
  • honorary and media patronage.


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