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Łukasz D. Bartosik, Michał Urbańczyk, Damian Szlingiert (eds.), American Law and American Jurisprudence: Interpretations, Challenges, Procedures
Aleksander Wojciech Mikołajczak, Patryk Borowiak, Sugar Sachet Design. On Communicating with Things
Piotr Alexandrowicz, Canonistic Justification of Freedom of Contract in the Western Legal Tradition
Andrea Mariani (preparation and introduction), The Inventories of the Jesuit College in Nowogródek and its Estates from 1773-1774
Anna Sokołowska, Plagiarism and University Students. A Socio-pedagogical Study
ed. Małgorzata Grzywacz, Małgorzata Okupnik, Children and the Wartime Experience. The 20th and the 21st Centuries
Znaki i symbole akademickiego Poznania. Studia i materiały

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