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(Re) construction of the past

(Re) construction of the past


The latest issue of artPapier from 15.06.2020 features a review of Konrad Kopel's book Towards the past! René Guénon, Julius Evola and the currents of traditionalism. Marek Jedliński's studies in cultural philosophy. 'You have to hand it to the author, he is a consistent and disciplined researcher. Discussing issues that appear in works citing great thinkers, such as the European crisis of culture, the attitude to science, technical development and sexuality, he adheres to his chosen way of constructing his reasoning. He sets out the core common to these philosophers, and goes on to extend it to take in more nuanced perspectives,' writes Konrad Kopel.

artPapier is an online culture biweekly specialising in reviews and information which has been  published in Katowice since 2003. In thematically separate sections (Ideas, Literature, Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Poetry, Comics) "artPapier" presents the latest in culture in the form of reviews, columns, interviews and extensive reports on cultural meetings.

Link to reviews: ArtPapier 12/2020

See the book: Towards the Past! René Guénon, Julius Evola and Currents of Traditionalism. A Study in the Philosophy of Culture

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