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In our Fairy Tale

In our Fairy Tale


The September edition of artPapier (from 1.09.2020) contains a review by Agnieszka Wójtowicz – Zając entitled “Welcome to our Fairy Tale” of Magdalena Bednarek's book: “Fairy Tales Reimagined. The Transformation of Fairy Tales and Stories in the Polish Epic after 1989”, published by the AMU Press.

- Magdalena Bednarek's work is characterized by the author's true research passion, which is visible primarily in the lightness of the pen, the free movement between fairy tale theory and interpretation, and the impressive body of texts that the author has read in depth. It is at the same time an extremely concise and factual dissertation, containing extensive theory, cultural context and interpretation of the novel in a relatively small text space - writes Agnieszka Wójtowicz-Zając.

Link to reviews:artPapier 17/2020

See the book: Fairy Tales Transformed. The Metamorphosis of Fairy Tales in Polish Literature after 1989

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