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Powinowactwa Pessoi. Szkice krytyczne

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The book Powinowactwa Pessoi [Pessoa. Connections and Affinities] is a collection of articles, interpretations and ideas related to the readings of a work by the most important Portuguese author of the 20th century and one of the ingenious founders of modern literature. The author of The Book o f Disquiet, who was discovered quite late in Poland, continues to attract new critics and literaiy commentators, but still remains a writer whose myth has obscured his works proper. Therefore, the main idea behind this collection of the twelve articles was to more thoroughly analyze these works, to root them in various contexts as well as to discover their (sometimes unexpected) connections and affinities.

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Detailed information
Publication Version printed
Title (EN) Pessoa. Connections and Affinities
Type of publication Monografia
Edition I
Series Filologia Romańska nr 42
ISSN 0554-8187
ISBN 978-83-232-2545-4
Number of pages 206
Number of publishing sheets 10,00
Format [cm] 14,5 x 20.5
Type of binding paperback
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