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Fabularyzowane gry komputerowe w przestrzeni humanistycznej. Analizy, interpretacje i wnioski z pogranicza poetyki, aksjologii i dydaktyki literatury

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  • ISBN: 978-83-232-2448- 8
  • Category: Polish Philology
  • Year of publication: 2013
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Publikacja napisana z myślą o nauczycielach polonistach w celu przybliżenia wybranych zagadnień związanych z grami komputerowymi jako zjawiskiem tyleż groźnym, ile inspirującym. Autor ujmuje wybrane gry komputerowe jako przede wszystkim teksty kultury wraz z ich tematycznymi nawiązaniami i przemianami w obrębie bardziej lub mniej wyraźnie rysującej się już poetyki,a także ujętego w jej ramach światopoglądowego przekazu.

Along with the development of the most recent technologies, fictionalised featured computer games have become peculiar cultural texts, which can now be analyzed and interpreted both in terms of their - more or less - outlined poetics and ideological message. These phenomena have in feet evolved over the past few decades into the “audiovisual performances” that are more and more significant, offer more and more messages, and exert a more powerful influence. It is therefore difficult to write today about feature-length fictionalised computer games only in the ludic context - as of the games only - because contact with them, besides the fun of it is also resolved to playing with the “text”, playing in the “text”, and the game by means of “text". All these three aspects, however, as if reveal a “countercultural” nature of the featurelength
fictionalised computer games, which manifests itself both in this specifically conducted dialogue with the cultural tradition, and in an often radical negation of ethics - amoralisms. This feature of the games discussed, and their ever-growing popularity cause that computer productions also may be the subject of reflections of Polish language scholars, because it is mostly school age people who are the ultimate recipients of games including the ideological message. Impressions and experiences related to so-called “playing on the computer,” are increasingly becoming an integral element of growing up of many pupils and are exerting an ever stronger impact on the organisation of their emotional and intellectual life.


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You're reviewing:Fabularyzowane gry komputerowe w przestrzeni humanistycznej. Analizy, interpretacje i wnioski z pogranicza poetyki, aksjologii i dydaktyki literatury
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Publication Version printed
Title (EN) Fictionalised computer games in the humanistic space. Analyses, interpretations and conclusions from the borderline of poetics, axiology and teaching literature
Type of publication Monografia
Edition II
Series Filologia Polska nr 138
ISSN 0554-8179
ISBN 978-83-232-2448- 8
Number of pages 218
Number of publishing sheets 12,00
Format [cm] 14,5 x 20.5
Type of binding paperback
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