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Tożsamość w podróży. Wielokulturowość a kształtowanie tożsamości jednostki

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Praca dotyczy budowania tożsamości w warunkach kontaktów wielokulturowych. Jest to jedno z pierwszych opracowań w polskiej literaturze przedmiotu, które ukazuje powyższe zagadnienie z nowej perspektywy. Celem głównym jest analiza procesu kształtowania się tożsamości człowieka w kontekście kontaktów wielokulturowych na podstawie założeń socjologii fenomenologicznej. Autorka wyróżnia trzy elementy tożsamości: jednostkową, społeczną i kulturową. Teoretyczne tło dla tych rozważań stanowią przemyślenia Alfreda Schuetza oraz takich badaczy, jak: L. Kohlberg, C.H. Mead, C.H. Cooley, E. Erikson oraz Z. Bauman.

Quick and radical changes are characteristic of today's world. These changes are evoked by mechanisms that are complex and that influence many aspects of human life, such as the psychological and the sociological. Changes in these fields generate several problems in formulating any clear description of the human identity in the contemporary world. In this current situation of radical changes, seeking answers to the questions about the goal and meaning of life is therefore of considerable importance to every human being. Moreover, these questions are temporal in nature and changes in personal development are strengthened and accelerated by transformations in the social and economic conditions of life. This is why the question of identity becomes important. A successful answer to it helps to describe a person's place in their society. Accordingly, in this book I start by defining the term identity. From there I go on to discuss three elements inclusive to most definitions of identity. Namely: stability, integrity, and dissimilarity. Furthermore, we will come to understand more fully the processes involved in the construction of identity. In the explanation of this process I will utilize ideas associated with Lawrence Kohlberg's Moral Decelopment Theory. The next part of my text relates to the three levels of identity: personal, social, and cultural. After this I present two ways of building cultural identity. The next part contains a discussion about the meaning of the term globalization, followed by a discussion about the diffculties in identity building during the current period of globalization. Finally, I will conclude by representing the basic ideas underlying my argument.

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Detailed information
Publication Version printed
Title (EN) Identity in travelling. Multiculturality and formation of an individual identity
Type of publication Monografia
Edition II
Series Socjologia nr 32
ISSN 0554-8225
ISBN 83-232-1247-3
Number of pages 166
Number of publishing sheets 12,00
Format [cm] 17,5 x 24,0
Type of binding paperback
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