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The Language of Religion, Past and Present

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The Language of Religion, Past and Present presents a collection of articles devoted to sacred language, based on materials from a cycle of interdisciplinary conferences with the participation of the main university research centres in Poland. These colloquia have been organised by the Department of Contemporary Polish Grammar and Onomastics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The translated texts are focused mainly on scholarly materials written in Polish, evincing a multitude of subjects and methodologies in the research of religious language in Poland. The studies cover the recent history among others of Theolinguistics, religious communication, the language of homilies and sermons, the language and style of religious prayer, as well as artistic and informational texts, both contemporary and historical. The above disquisitions also discuss in the Polish context the notion of sacrum in literature, the functioning of sacred proper names and the use of biblical phraseology (theolocutions). A chapter devoted to John Paul II and his use of language, as well as its influence on contemporary Polish, draws this volume to a close.

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Type of publication Podręcznik, skrypt
Edition I
ISBN 978-83-232-2725-0
Number of pages 624
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