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Stulecie Przybosia

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Materiały z konferencji "Julian Przyboś i jego epoka". W setną rocznicę urodzin autora Miejsca na Ziemi, zorganizowanej w Poznaniu w marcu 2001 roku z okazji stulecia urodzin poety, prezentującej wyniki najnowszych badań literaturoznawców z kraju i zagranicy. Teksty zebrane są w trzy części, odpowiadające trzem różnym sferom badań i refleksji: na temat tradycji literackiej, schedy literackiej, estetycznej i naukowej i ich wzajemnych powiązań, semantyce i estetyce środków poetyckich Przybosia, a także perspektywie filozoficznej i antropologicznej jego twórczości. Książka jest próbą nowego odczytania tej poezji w jej wielu ważnych aspektach i w ramach różnych podejść metodologicznych, także zupełnie najnowszych.

The contributions to this volume were originally presented at a conference which was held at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, in March 2001: on the centenary of the birth of Julian Przyboś. The title, "The centenary of Przyboś", was meant by the organizers to evoke a double reading: the conference was organized to celebrate the anniversary of the poet's birth, but at the same time also to mark "the age of Przyboś", the ambiguity intended both by the editors of the present volume and by many of the contributors. From the perspective of the thirty years that have passed since the poet's death, it might well appear that the author of "A place on the Earth" stands a good chance to reaffirm his crucial position on the Earth of Polish Contemporary Poetry, the status that he was deprived of in the last 25 years. It is not only the matter of restoring him to the position of a master of vanguard structuralism and poetic order. The point is also to reveal the ambiguities and the anxiety hidden at the Beeper levels of his art, to seek the horizons of the Unknowable and the Unimaginable that his art opens to the reader, to discover all things that make Przyboś one of the leading figures in the wide framework of literary modernism. The book is an attempt at a new reading of this poetry, in its many crucial aspects, and within different methodological frameworks, also the most recent ones. The three parts into which the contributions were divided correspond to three differing spheres of research and reflection: on the literary tradition, literary, esthetic, or even scholarly, heritage and interrelations; on Przyboś's technical and artistic devices, on their semantics and esthetics; and finally, on philosophical and anthropological perspectives.

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Publication Version printed
Title (EN) The centenary of Przyboś
Type of publication Monografia
Edition I
Series Filologia Polska nr 73
ISSN 0554-8179
ISBN 83-232-1211-2
Number of pages 432
Number of publishing sheets 32,00
Format [cm] 17,0 x 24,0
Type of binding hardcover
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