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Polish-AngloSaxon Studies, vol. 8/9

Editor's Preface

WACŁAW BOROWY, The English, Scotch and the Irish in the Polish Army during the Reign of Sigis-mund III (Anglicy, Szkoci i Irlandczycy w wojsku polskim za Zygmunta III)

KRZYSZTOF VORBRICH, The Humanistic Aspects of the Copernican Controversy in England between 1543 and 1700: Part II

BARBARA JANOWICZ, Jan Jonston 1603-1675: His Life, Stay in Poland and Contribution to the Seven-teenth Century Science

PIOTR PIOTROWIAK, The Historical, Political and Cultural Aspects of John Amos Comenius' Visit to England in the Years 1641-1642

WANDA KRAJEWSKA, Polish Historical Documents on the English Scenes at the Turn of the l8th Century (Polonica na scenach angielskich na przelomie XVIII i XIX wieku)

MARIA WÓJCIK, British Elements in Aleksander Fredro's Life and Literary Work

KATARZYNA GŁĘBOWSKA, Attitude of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston L. S. Churchill towards the `Polish Question' at the Yalta Conference

KATARZYNA BOREJKO, Anglo-Saxon Culture in "Przekrój ": Its Role in the Breaking of Cultural Barriers between East and West in the Years 1949-1959

IZABELA RUEBENBAUER, The Picture of Catholics in the Novels of David Lodge


WOJC1ECH LIPOŃSKI, Two Histories of Europe - or Fallow Land Doubly Ploughed.
Norman Davies, Europa. Rozprawa Historyka z Historią (Europe. A History) transl, into Polish Elzbieta Tabakowska, Wydawnictwo Znak, Krakow 1998.
A. Mączak, ed., Historia Europy, Wroclaw-Warszawa-Krakow 1997

KRZYSZTOF JANKOWIAK, A New History of Scotland in Poland. Stefan Zabieglik, Historia Szkocji, Wydawnictwo DJ, Gdarisk 2000

MARIUSZ BOJARCZUK, Polish-Americans - Their History Revisited. John J. Bukowczyk, ed., Polish Americans and Their History: Community, Culture and Politics, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh 1996

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