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Polish-AngloSaxon Studies, Vol. 12-13

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„Polish-AngloSaxon Studies” was initiated in 1987 by Professor Wojciech Lipoński. It is published by the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. International and interdisciplinary in scope, it carries original articles on all aspects of cultural relations between Poland and English-speaking nations, in their historical as well as contemporary dimension. It also welcomes review articles and book reviews. It is listed in the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) and in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. It is included in the collections of the British Library, the Library of Congress, the Cambridge University Library, the Yale University Library and other libraries in Poland and worldwide.

Editor's Preface

Trawers and Steam Engines: Polish-British Economic Relations in the Early 19 th Century

A modernist Artist in a Modern City: Dawid Bomberg and the London Avant-Garde 1910-1914

The Propagandist's Armoury: Techniques of Anti-American and Anti-British Poster Propaganda in Poland in the 1940s and the 1950s

Polish-British Town-Twinning Schemes in the Context of European Integration: The Case of Poznań-Nottinghamshire Partnership

Americanization as Globalization of Cultures? Theories and Theire Relevance vfor Polish Cultural Identity Today

KRZYSZTOF JANKOWIAK AND JANUSZ KAZMIERCZAK, An Englishwoman in Lwów. E. Wehrfritz, Letters from Lwów: Life in Poland before Hitler 1938-9, Wolverwood Books, 2005

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