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Harcerstwo w Polsce w latach 1944-1990

The book reconstructs the history of the Polish Scouting and Guiding movement (harcerstwo) after World War II, not from the perspective of particular people who created it, but with regard to the history of organizations, an idea and philosophy of education and life. It is also a story of resistance and rebellion against any authorities’ interference in bringing up as well as a reflection on youth, which leads to the conclusion that raising children and young people should always be politically neutral.

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Detailed information
Publication Version printed
Title (EN) The Scouting and Guiding movement (harcerstwo) in Poland between 1944 and 1990
Type of publication Monografia
Edition I
Series Psychologia i Pedagogika nr 196
ISSN 0083-4254
ISBN 978-83-232-2607-9
Number of pages 380
Number of publishing sheets 27,00
Format [cm] 17,0 x 24,0
Type of binding paperback
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