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The Tombs of the Piast Dynasty

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  • Data wydania: 2020
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The origin and history of the Piast dynasty are undoubtedly the starting point of any research on the rise and growth of the medieval Polish state. The catalogue of tomb monuments presented in this study is the result of several stages works. The sepulchral objects dedicated to the Piasts were grouped according to the family branches within the Piast dynasty, and then sorted chronologically by the dates of death of people commemorated on the them. The layout of the catalogue card takes into account the current location of the tombstone monument, its external description, genealogical information about the deceased, the history of theobject and the references. The descriptions include the dimensions of the object, the material from which it was made, the figural representation of the deceased, its symbolism, accompanying heraldry and a summary of the inscription. The information on the state of preservation of the monuments and any conservation works is also included. In addition, the date and workshop of the contractor were given, provided that they are not the subject of scholarly debates. Genealogical information includes information about the immediate family of the deceased (especially parents), the extent of their territorial authority, the circumstances of their death, and any facts necessary to properly read the content of tombstones. The ‘origin and history’ section presents the most important research findings on the workshop, dating, founders and ideological content of particular tomb monuments. The monuments are discussed in a broad context, including the semantic field of the churches and tomb chapels insofar as the state of research permits. In each case, the relationship between the object and the burial place is discussed, with particular attention paid on the one hand to the possible relocation of the tombstone and its restoration, on the other to the relocation or violation of human remains (whether as a result of desecration or due to the expansion of the church). Each entry is complete with references and general references section, which contain studies on the biography of the deceased and their tomb monument in the field of art history, archaeology and history.


The Piasts of Wielkopolska [Great Poland]

Mieszko III
Władysław III Spindleshanks

The Piasts of Małopolska [Little Poland]
Bolesław V the Chaste

The Piasts of Kujawy
Władysław the Short
Casimir III the Great

The Masovian Piasts
Janusz III and Stanisław

The Silesian Piasts. The Wrocław and Legnica-Brzeg Branch
Bolesław I the Tall
Henry the Bearded
Henry II the Pious
Henry III the White
Henry V the Fat
Bolko I
Henryk IV Probus
Bolesław III the Wasteful (the Generous)
Louis II and Elisabeth of Brandenburg (Wenceslaus I and Anna)
Henry VI
Bishop Wenceslaus
Bishop Henry

The Silesian Piasts The Jawor-Świdnica and Ziębice Branch
Henry I of Jawor and Agnieszka
Bolko II of Ziębice and Guta
Bolko II of Świdnica (the Small)

The Silesian Piasts The Głogów and Żagań Branch
Konrad II the Hunchback
Henry IV the Faithful
Jan I
Wenceslaus of Żagań

The Silesian Piasts The Oleśnica Branch
Konrad II

The Piasts of Silesia The Opole Branch
Bolesław I and Bolesław II
Bolesław III and Anna
Jan the Good

The Silesian Piasts The Cieszyn and Oświęcim Branch
Przemysław Noszak

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