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Between the Self and the Other. Essays on the Poetry of Paul Muldoon

  • Dostępność: dostępny
  • ISBN: 978-83-232-3288-9
  • Kategoria: Filologia Angielska
  • Data wydania: 2018
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The book is a study inspired by Paul Muldoon’s unforgettable visit to the Faculty of English, at Adam Mickiewicz University, in May, 2015. Moving between the broadly understood categories outlined in the title, the four essays collected in the present volume interrogate the Irish-American poet’s fluid, composite and anti-authoritarian notions of identity. As shown by the authors – Liliana Sikorska, Joanna Jarząb-Napierała, Marta Frątczak-Dąbrowska and Paulina Ambroży – Muldoon’s poetry escapes rigidly nationalistic, aesthetic, theoretical and cultural mappings. A truly migrant poet, attuned to the experience of mobility, difference, and border-crossing, Muldoon creates a realm which allows for an oscillation between centripetal and centrifugal forces, where the private idiom of the self can successfully communicate social, public and communal concerns and where the seemingly local and national embraces the vibrant plethora of transnational influences and voices. The methodologies used in the analyses reflect the authors’ research interests, which embrace autobiographical, geopoetical, postcolonial and intertextual studies.

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ISBN 978-83-232-3288-9
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