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Fulereny. Wybrane modele skorelowanych elektronów

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  • ISBN: 83-232-1267-8
  • Category: Physics
  • Year of publication: 2003
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Praca zajmuje się magnetycznymi właściwościami fulerenów i dynamiką elektronów w fulereneach. Wyjaśniono między innymi nadprzewodnictwo fulerenów. Funkcja dielektryczna i ładunek efektywny jonów w ferroelektrykach niewłaściwych na przykładzie B-molibdenianu gadolinu.

The book deals with the magnetic properties of Cn fullerenes and dynamics of electrons in fullerides A3C60. The magnetic ground state of Cn clusters was calculated by new methods involving the use of the density operator and the r-functions. The band structure of the electronic spectrum of fullerides and their conductivity were calculated assuming the threedimensional spherical model of a periodic billiard. The same model was used to explain the classical and quantum chaos in the systems studied. The superconductivity of fullerides was explained in terms of the liquid drop model proposed.

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Detailed information
Publication Version printed
Title (EN) Fullerenes. Selected models of correlated electrons
Type of publication Monografia
Edition I
Series Fizyka nr 79
ISSN 0554-825X
ISBN 83-232-1267-8
Number of pages 203
Number of publishing sheets 13,00
Format [cm] 16,5 x 24,0
Type of binding paperback
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