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Ewangelikalizm w Rosji (XIX – XX wiek)

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Russian society was always very differentiated in a religious way. Evangelical Christians and Baptists appeared in the second half of the 19th century. They had been inspired by previous sects and by Western missionary. Among evangelical Christians and Baptists were people from all social dasses. They were persecuted, especially during Stalinist era. Evangelical Christians and Baptists were very important for religious life in Russia and in the USSR.

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Detailed information
Publication Version printed
Title (EN) Evangelicalism in Russia (19th – 20th centuries)
Type of publication Monografia
Edition II
Series Etnologia i Antropologia Kulturowa nr 28
ISSN 1230-8595
ISBN 978-83-232-2450-1
Number of pages 262
Number of publishing sheets 14,00
Format [cm] 14,5 x 20,5
Type of binding paperback
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