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Polish labour law and the Church’s social teaching. A legal and sociological study

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  • ISBN: 978-83-232-3560-6
  • Kategoria: Katalog
  • Data wydania: 2019
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Socio-political doctrines are of substantial significance in the law-making process. Referring to them brings order to the process of decoding the axiology of law. In the Polish cultural sphere, which is part of Western culture, it is the social doctrine of the Catholic Church that is fundamentally important; it is essentially the co-creator of the “system of European values.” But this doctrine is particularly interesting from the point of view of labour law, because in an extremely comprehensive and entirely clear way it indicates a defined and detailed model of how employment relations develop. Therefore, bearing in mind that the social doctrine of the Church in the Polish cultural sphere has considerable importance and its contribution to the development of labour law is indisputable, we must ask how it is reflected in Polish labour law. It is a question of examining the extent to which ideas stemming from Church doctrine are present in the current form of Polish labour law. Is it at all ”attractive” for the Polish employer? One might also inquire as to its potential “attractiveness” in the future, especially in the context of attempts made at codification. The research hypothesis comes down to showing that with regard to the significance of the Church’s social doctrine in the Polish cultural context the conceptual inspirations stemming from this doctrine can be sought out in Polish law-making. This seems particularly justified in terms of labour law, owing to the fact that this doctrine presents its vision for employment relations in a very complex way.

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Seria Adam Mickiewicz University Law Books No. 9
ISBN 978-83-232-3560-6
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