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Ana Samardžić, Ninoslav Radaković (red.), „Od ucha do ucha”

Ana Samardžić, Ninoslav Radaković (red.), „Od ucha do ucha”



The monograph "From the ear to the ear" is devoted to the scientific reflection on the relationship between the sense of hearing and communication, the transfer of information and knowledge. In a complex system of perceiving, decoding and analyzing of stimuli, sight is associated with cognition, and hearing with communication, the main elements of which are the speaker and listener.

In this volume, the results of research on auditory perception are presented by researchers and scholars representing linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, psychology, pedagogy and foreign language didactics. In their texts, they often show an interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation of problems. The monograph is divided into three thematic blocks.

Readers are provided with a monograph of 25 works in English, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.



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