Czy warto ufać obcym?

Written by Hanna Mamzer (red.)

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  • Tytuł (en): Is it worth trusting strangers?
  • Typ publikacji: Monografia
  • Rok wydania: 2011
  • Wydanie: I
  • Seria: Socjologia nr 68
  • ISSN: 0554-8225
  • ISBN: 978-83-232-2271-2
  • Liczba stron: 198
  • Liczba arkuszy wyd.: -
  • Format [cm]: 14,5 x 21,0
  • Rodzaj oprawy: miękka, matowa
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Abstract (en)

The book presents selected results of the research conducted by a team of Polish researchers trying to provide an answer to the title ąuestion. Trusting others is an important issue, examined by many repre-sentatives of the humanities. Among others, one can find in this book references to the concepts created by R. Putnatn, P. Sztompka, F. Fukuyama, E.H. Erikson and many others. The book provides a brief theoretical presentation of various theoretical approaches. Sińce all researchers were working as a team they have created one approach that was treated as the base for operationalisation in later research. Many European states are facing serious disturbances due to failures in migrants' social integration. Even though Polish society is rather homogenous, a rising trend in arrival of new immigrants is being obseryed. Many newcomers stay in big cities, which usually are morę open to diversity. The purpose of this research project is to identify possible barriers of immigrants' social integration in the society of Poznań, the capital of the Wielkopolska Region. Particular emphasis is put on citizens' attitudes towards foreigners, as an important condition of integration success and a potential obstacle at the same time. First, a generał overview of migrants' integration concepts is introduced. Second, results of public opinion research are presented and analyzed. Identified possible immigrants' social integration barriers are primarily: citizens' reluctance to come into contact with foreigners, their linguistic and intercultural competences' Iow self-esteem, and last but not least, objections to migrants' culture presence in the public sphere.

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Wprowadzenie (Hanna Mamzer)

Hanna Mamzer
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